Rules For Garbage/Recycling

First determine which part of Niseko you are located in. 80% of residences are in the kutchan area.

Rules for Kutchan (Kutchan Town, Hanazono & Hirafu Ski Resort Areas).

Rules for Niseko (Niseko Village, Appupuri & Moiwa Ski Resort Areas).

You’ll need to decide if you’re going to use the Hanazono Recycling Center system or the local paid bags system.

Hanazono Recycling Center
Click Here: Hanazono Recycling Centre – Google Maps

– For the Hanazono system you’ll need to drive your recycling here.
– You need to use the standard 45L clear plastic rubbish bags.
– The bags can be bought at the supermarket or convenience store.
– Depositing recycling is free.
– Recycling has to be clean and sorted following the rules.
– See above link for rules.

Local Paid Bags System
– Find out from the local town office where your rubbish (Gomi) station is.
– The bags can be bought at the supermarket or convenience store.
– There are certain times and days for recycling drop off.
– Recycling is free but the bags cost money.
– Bags cost:
Kutchan area prices – as of April 2020
40Litre (Burnable & Non-Burnable) 5 for 400Yen
20Litre (Burnable & Non-Burnable) 10 for 400Yen
10Litre (Burnable & Non-Burnable) 10 for 200Yen
Compost/Organic Matter – 20Litre 5 for 400Yen
Compost/Organic Matter – 10Litre 10 for 400Yen
Compost/Organic Matter – 5Litre 10 for 200Yen
(These bags expire after one year)

Niseko area prices – as of April 2020
45Litre (Burnable & Non-Burnable) 10 for 1000Yen
20Litre (Burnable & Non-Burnable) 10 for 600Yen
10Litre (Burnable & Non-Burnable) 20 for 800Yen
Compost/Organic Matter – 30Litre 10 for 600Yen
Compost/Organic Matter – 10Litre 20 for 600Yen
Compost/Organic Matter – 5Litre 20 for 400Yen
(These bags expire after one year)

Local rubbish (Gomi) station

Please use the nearest Gomi station when you move in. If you do not know where it is, contact Kutchan town office or Niseko city office.

Kutchan Town Hall
3 Chome -3 Kita 1 Johigashi, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-00010136-22-1121

Niseko City Office
048-1595 Hokkaido, Abuta District, Niseko, Fujimi.

Bags can be bought at most convenience stores and supermarkets. Bags for Kutchan and Niseko are specific to each area.

Hanazono Recycling Centre
Click Here: Hanazono Recycling Centre – Google Maps

Arrive before 4.00pm, recycle first on right all no charge. (must be clean and offloaded at correct place) Non recycling need to pay depending on weight, first driving into the main building stop at cashier window so they can record weight. Then offload at correct place. Drive out when empty/finished and back into same door with cashier window and pay – only cash accpeted then drive thru and out to main road.

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